Windshield Repair Maple

Windshield Repair Maple

We Windshield Repair Maple is currently doing the following services:

  • Auto Glass Repair and Replacement
  • Windshield Repair and Replacement

We assure you best quality service at our company for all of your problems related to windshields and auto glasses in the vehicles. We advise you that you should not delay in sorting out these problems. Delaying will not only cost you more but may also cause accidents. These glasses are very important to keep the structure intact.

On the other hand, damages should not be allowed to distract your views of the road. For example, if the crack is on line of your view, it is very likely that you will be disturbed and may lead to an accident. We have experienced technicians who are very polite in dealing with you. You can discuss your problems with them. They will give you the necessary guidance and genuine advice. Depending on their advice, you can decide whether to do the repair or replacement of glasses. Of course repair is safe. It is cost effective to replacement. We take nearly half an hour for repairs. Sometimes it may vary more or less by 5 to 10 minutes. If your glasses are covered by insurance, then repairs will be free.

You will get a good savings. Once repaired, we can guarantee that there will be no more water leaks or air leaks. Your vision through the glass will be sharp and clear. You are in our safe hands for sorting out your problems on auto glass repair and auto glass replacement.

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Stay Home

Stay Safe

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are offering FREE Mobile Service to all our customers. Contact us now for a worry-free, safe windshield repair!

Auto Glass - Windshield Repair Toronto

  • Stay Home, We Come to You!
  • Repair up to 10” Cracks.
  • Experienced Professionals with a 98% Success Rate.

What We Do

  • Advanced Power-Vac System.
  • xclusive Diamond Clear Gel Repair.
  • Able to repair the most complicated chips, just send us a picture.

Competitive Pricing But With Extra Benefits

  • Free Repair with your insurance.
  • Regular Rock Chips. $79.99
  • Crack Repairs from. $99.99
  • Same Day Mobile Service.

About us

Doctor Windshield is a trusted windshield repair company that serves clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Rest assured that with our team of highly experienced and skilled technicians, any crack is an easy fix. Contact us today and let our pros get to work!

We take your safety seriously

Our most important concern is keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. For that reason, we only use glass that has been manufactured according to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Areas we cover

Our services are not limited to the City of Toronto. We are able to travel to a wide range of areas in the GTA to help you get back on the road ASAP.

Let us deal with the insurance

Doctor Windshield works directly with most of the major insurance companies in Toronto. We can attend to and take care of your claim on your behalf.

We fix all types of windshields

Whether the damage is on your front or rear windshield, or even a side window, you can rest assured that the folks at Doctor Windshield have the tools to fix it. If repair isn’t possible, our technicians are equipped with the necessary skills, expertise, and materials to replace the damaged windshield. No matter your vehicle's make or model, superior craftsmanship and your satisfaction are always guaranteed.

Affordable Services

OWe will always choose to repair damaged auto glass whenever possible. This is because repairing an existing windshield is less time-consuming and expensive than having to replace it entirely. Repairs and replacements are typically done at no cost to you, provided your insurance policy covers it. If your policy doesn’t cover windshield repair or you would rather meet the cost yourself, we can help you by offering you a (free) quote with affordability in mind.

We can come right to you

Don’t feel like adding an extra stop on your errands run? No worries, our expert technicians can travel right to you. We are to able to service you at your home, office, or wherever else you may be. Getting your windshield fixed has never been made easier! Book an appointment online and receive speedy, professional service wherever it’s convenient for you.

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