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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Yes, you can. Just call our windshield technician to cancel or re-fix an appointment.

Yes of course. We take all precautionary measures to protect other parts by all available means.

It involves cleaning and treating the damage with appropriate tools and resins. Often, the damage will be repaired by one trained technician within 30 minutes.

No, it will not happen. But keep your vehicle keys with the technician.

No. there will be instances, due to no fault of the technician the chip or crack may become larger. However, upon completion of a successful repair guarantee can be given that the chip or crack will not crack anymore. If that situation arose, the cost of the repair will be credited for a new windshield or will be met by insurance if it is already covered.

No. Repairing chips or cracks are usually done for preventing further damage and for restoring the integrity of the structure of the vehicle.

Yes, it will be fixed to the new windshield by our technician.

We recommend you drive usually after one hour of repair or replacement. In case of repair or replacement of the side window, you can drive away immediately. Our expert technicians will give you the necessary guidance on the time required to drive away.

Normally, repairs are completed in about 30 minutes or less. For windshield replacement, it will be around 60 minutes or less. In many cases, windshield repairs can be performed in 30 minutes or less.

Yes. Inspection stickers and other stickers on the windshield will be removed and will be re-fixed to the new windshield only if there is a provision in Law. Re-fixing the inspection stickers to a new windshield is not allowed in some states. As per Law, a new sticker has to be re-fixed within three to five days after the replacement is done. Your State Agency for Licensing will give you further information in this regard.

Consider the size of the damage. If it is smaller than that of a dollar it can be repaired. Once you are sure of getting the repair done, obtain a quote from us for windshield repair or fix an appointment which can be done online.

Company Information

When you are faced with problems related to the windshield of any make or model or type, feel free to contact us at (416) 640-1116. For inquiries also, contact the same number.

Yes, when we have vacancies, we recruit adequately qualified and experienced technicians to work in our company and service centers spread out in Toronto

Yes, windshield wipers of different brands are provided at additional charges at the time of repairs if necessary However, the installation of windshield wipers is free during repair or replacement of the windshield. As it is highly recommended to replace windshield wipers every six months or 10,000 km, it is important to ensure good condition wipers are in place.

No, Windshield Repair Toronto owns all service centers in our service areas and manages all technicians working there.

The Windshield Repair Toronto was started in the year 2003. We are in this business for more than 20 years. If you are interested to get more information, please go through the Home Page of this website.

A guarantee will be provided. It will be a national warranty for our workmanship and guaranteed as long as the vehicle is in your possession.

Windshield service is available in 22 cities in Toronto. In most of these cities, we provide in-shop and mobile services as well. You can easily check this through the link “Service Areas”.

Working hours are different at service locations. However, appointments can be fixed in most of the service locations from morning 8 o’clock to evening 5 o’clock from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, it is available from morning 8 o’clock. to noon.

Yes, mobile windshield service is available in most of our service areas. Depending on your option, either we will attend work at your home, office, or any other location suggested by you.

Payment Information

Cost of the windshield, labor charges, and taxes of all kinds including state and local taxes. However, you will be informed of any additional charges before the commencement of repair works.

Major credit cards, checks, and cash shall be used for paying your Bills.

Privacy and Security

Yes, of course, we will protect the personal information of our customers and our privacy policy will be applied.