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Windshield Use

Car door glass – windshields and windows – are typically treated glass and they are laminated which provides for safety. They protect the driver and passengers form various sorts of debris and insects from entering the vehicle. They also protect from UV levels from the sun, as well as other types of weather conditions – rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Windshield Safety

Today’s windshields are fundamental when it comes to safety. They act almost like airbags and seatbelts. They serve as protection in the event of an accident or crash. All windshields in most countries, including Canada, remain intact in an accident or crash (a requirement by law), or even in a roll-over accident. They might be damaged following a collision or crash, however they remain intact thanks to new cutting-edge technology of new modern glued-in windshields. Today’s windshield forms a molecular bond between the glass and the vehicle. As well, front and back glass helps form the structure of the vehicle and greatly aids in its overall road performance.

Windshield Characteristics

Glass in today’s modern vehicles is clear or come slightly tinted in order to block out the glare from the sun. What’s unique about car door glass for windshields is that it’s designed to be shattered, instead of breaking into a number of pieces. Shattered glass has a lesser chance of injuring someone in an accident or collision. Cars, SUVS, and pick-up trucks of all sizes offer owners with clear or tinted glass options: windshields, side glass and back glass.

Auto Glass Repair & Mobile Windshield Repair

What kinds of glass can be repaired? The answer is simple: all windshields can easily be repaired with new glass technology and cutting-edge procedures that are efficient and effective. Glass repair, windshields, back glass and side glass, is paramount for safety reasons. Even though a crack may seem like a small thing, it can and normally leads to bigger problems with it forming a larger crack which can hamper vision, and a crack can also slightly affect the performance of a vehicle.

Today there are a large variety of companies that offer glass and windshield repair and the new trend is auto glass companies providing mobile glass repair. Mobile glass repair is a service where the company visits the location requested by a car owner, such as their house, place of work, or car park/storage facility. Windshield repair, and even replacement, is an easy and convenient process that is done within a matter of hours.

Auto Glass Canada: Here for You

We are committed to providing vehicle owners with the best in windshield repair, and other types of glass repair. Windshield repair is important for safety and the overall performance of your vehicle. We always reiterate to all our clients that fixing a small crack is important as it means later you won’t have to spend the money on a full replacement.

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