[schema type=”review” name=”Stephanie Ryan” description=”I hired Windshield Repair to remove scratches on windshield. I got an excellent result. I could not see any evidence for the existence of scratches. Technician was friendly and really knows his work. Really fantastic work. I highly recommend Windshield Repair. ” pubdate=”2015-03-02″ ]

[schema type=”review” name=”David Rachel” description=”I thank you for a high quality service I received from your technician on repairing my car’s windscreen. Other companies suggested replacement of it with rather high cost. But, I am lucky that I was able to get it brilliantly repaired with less cost by your skilled technicians.” pubdate=”2015-02-01″ ]

[schema type=”review” name=”Quine Patrick” description=”Your prompt and efficient professional service were highly impressive. Works were of highest quality. You have the right workers. I have no hesitation in recommending your company,Windshield Repair, for my friends and colleagues.” pubdate=”2014-12-05″ ]

[schema type=”review” name=”Chelsea Owen” description=”I was called the same day and got an appointment. Replacement was easily arranged at my home. Technician who came up on time professionally did an excellent work in a short time. He was a real expert. He explained clearly what he was doing and the result of the job. Well done guys.” pubdate=”2014-11-20″ ]

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